Rocky Mountain Tree-Ring Research is a nonprofit research organization founded in 1997 by Peter M. Brown. We provide expertise in tree-ring collection, dating, and analysis to answer a variety of basic and applied questions in fire and forest history, climatology, and ecosystem ecology, restoration, and management.


The basics page contains some practical information on sampling, sample preparation, and how to keep your increment borers clean and sharp.


RMTRR is also the home of OLDLIST, a database of known maximum ages that individual trees of different species have attained at the time of sampling from around the world. Also have a look at the Eastern OLDLIST, focused on old trees in the eastern US and maintained by Dr. Neil Pederson of Harvard Forest and colleagues at the Virginia Tech Tree Program.

May 2019: OLDLIST has two new 2000+ year-old trees, one in North Carolina and the other in China, to report. These are now the 5th and 7th oldest known species in the world.


I have started posting some photographs and descriptions of various trips, taken for both work and play. Trip reports highlight some wonderful places to camp, backpack, raft, or sample. More reports arriving every so often, please check back occasionally.


We make and sell wooden increment core mounts for mounting either 4.3mm or 5.1mm cores. Please contact me to order and we are usually able to have them to you in a few days depending on the amount ordered.




(Larger version of header photo; Powell Plateau ponderosa pine forest, North Rim of the Grand Canyon)