Please use this form for submissions of trees and mail to:

pmb [at] rmtrr [dot] org

Species    __________________________________________________________

Common Name _____________________________________________________

Age  _________________________    Type of age (1)  _____________________

Sample ID (2)  ______________________________________________________

Site name (3)  ______________________________________________________

Geographic location (4) ______________________________________________

Collector(s)  _________________________________________________________

Dater(s) (5) __________________________________________________________

References (6) _______________________________________________________

Submitter's name and address  ________________________________________

Also, if you have any digital photos of the tree, please send them too if you
don't mind them being posted on the web site.
(1)   Five types of ages are recognized in the database:
           XD: crossdated
           RC: ring counted
           EX: extrapolations (based on ring measurements usually)
           HI: historic record
           C14: based on a radiocarbon dated piece of wood

(2)  The collector's identification number
(3)  The collector's name for the site where the tree was sampled
(4)  State, province, country, mountain range, etc. Also latitude/longitude if known
(5)  Or counter(s) in the case of a ring-counted age
(6)  Any publications or other reports that mention or use the tree